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Kewanee Boilermakers
Scoring Summary
1st Quarter
G - Schultz FG (3-0)

2nd Quarter
K - Punt Return (3-7)

3rd Quarter
G - Alred TD (10-7)
Regular Season Game #4 - October 8, 1920 - Geneseo High School
Article From The Geneseo Republic
Big Victory For Geneseo

GTHS defeated their old-time rival to the score of 10 to 7. "Rah, rah, rah, team!"

We feel very proud of our eleven because last Friday, they defeated our old rival, Kewanee 10-7. Our boys
worked well from start to finish and easily outplayed their opponents. They held Kewanee exceedingly well, for
their touchdown was obtained through an accident that will probably never happen again. Geneseo punted and
rushed down the field, easily breaking Kewanee's line but the ball bounced backward, past both teams into the
arms of a Kewanee player, who luckily for Kewanee had been left behind. He sped down the field for a
touchdown, having a clear field the entire way.

Geneseo earned their points through good team work. To open the game, Kewanee kicked off and held Geneseo
to their downs. Geneseo held Kewanee and then by passes and end runs, carried the ball to the 15 yard line,
where Emil kicked a perfect goal. Geneseo kicked off and the ball changed sides several times, the first quarter
ending with the ball in Kewanee's possession.

Upon the opening of the second quarter, Kewanee forced the ball to their ten yard line. Our line held, however,
and Geneseo punted, but Kewanee fumbled and one of our boys got the ball. Again Geneseo punted but
Kewanee fumbled and one of our boys got the ball again. Again Geneseo punted, but here our bad luck entered
the game for Kewanee made their only touchdown, accidentally as described above. They kicked the goal,
making the score 7-3.

Then Kewanee kicked off and the ball changed sides several times near the center of the field. Geneseo then by
long passes and end runs, carried the ball to their 5 yard line. Again luck was against us, for the first half ended
here and the ball had to be kicked off again.

The second half opened with Geneseo kicking off. Kewanee punted but got the ball on a fumble, only to lose it
on their twenty yard line. Then by passes and line smashes, Geneseo carried the ball down the field for a
touchdown, Alfred carring the ball across.

During the last quarter, both sides used passes to a great extent but neither team scored. Kewanee played a
good, clean game. As for Geneseo, the blue and white is out for a triumphant season.

The Geneseo lineup was as follows: C - "Peanuts" Shultz, LG - "Gib" Boleen, LT - Frank Ward, LE - Andrews, QB
- "Squint" Snow, RH - "Bert" Schultz, FB - Emil Schultz, & LH - "Chiney" Smith.