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Green Machine (8-0-2)
Kewanee Boilermakers (4-5-1)
Scoring Summary
1st Quarter
K - Freeburg 61 yard pass from Cernovich (A. Hart 2PT) (0-8)
G - Spanton 80 yard run (Anderson 2PT) (8-8)
G - R. Anderson 3 yard run (2PT Failed) (14-8)

2nd Quarter
K - Hart 3 yard run (Al Hart 2PT) (14-16)
G - R. Anderson 30 yard run (2PT Failed) (20-16)

3rd Quarter
G - R. Anderson 10 yard run (2PT Failed (26-16)
G - Frederick 36 yard pass from R. Anderson (2PT Failed) (32-16)
K - A. Hart 49 yard run (B. Hart 2PT) (32-24)

4th Quarter
G - M. Anderson 9 yard run (2PT Failed) (38-24)
K - Holliday 5 yard run (2PT Failed) (38-30)
Regular Season Game #10 - November 9, 1973 - GHS Athletic Field
Article From The Geneseo Republic
Leafs Beat Kewanee For Unbeaten Year - Annual Battle Goes Down To Wire, 38-30!

Geneseo Coach Bob Reade and Kewanee Coach Em Lindbeck said almost the same thing after the game....the
team that had the ball last was in business. Kewanee had the football last in this defense-be-damned dogfight,
but fortunately for the Leafs, Tim Stohl closed shop for Kewanee when he made a touchdown saving grab of
Boiler fullback Bill Hart on the games final play. The 38-30 Geneseo win was played Friday night, November 9 in

The victory, coupled with a Leaflet win in the preliminary game marked the first time in Geneseo High School
history that both the frosh-soph and varsity teams have completed unbeaten seasons in the same year. The
varsity game went down to the last we'll start this account near the games end.

The scene: Geneseo, leading 38-30, has fourth down and two inches from its own 26, and 51 seconds remain.
To this point, the teams had gained 795 yards in 106 plays - 7.5 yards a snap. The Leafs had gained 503 of
those yards.....the best yardage output of the season for Geneseo.

But the Leafs are deep in their own territory....."Field position hurt," said Reade. "I felt we were limited in
trying an option." Reade ordered Steve Spanton to punt. The kick was partially blocked and was downed on
Geneseo's 37. Time was out only long enough for the down markers to be changed. When the clock was started,
20 seconds remained and Kewanee, which had a time out left was huddled. The Boilers snapped the ball with 11
seconds left and fullback Bill Hart swept the left end.

One Leaf missed the powerful, 5-11, 175 pound Boiler behind the line. Hart built up speed and two more Leafs
bounced off the Kewanee runner. Kewanee established some blocking, and now, at the 25, only three orange
shirts were between Hart and the goal. But Tim Stohl, 6-3 195 pounds and perhaps the strongest Leaf, was
closing fast from the side. Stohl dove for Hart....but his left hand missed. The right hand grabbed the back of
Hart's jersey (thank goodness they weren't tearaway jerseys) and Stohl, now being dragged, held on like a
bulldog. The pair advanced four yards, to the 16, before Stohl got his left hand up around Hart's body. Stohl
then was able to get his legs off the ground, drive forward, and smash Hart to the ground at the 12.

Horn. Game. And a bit of a discussion.

Boiler players surrounded an official. They though perhaps Hart landed out of bounds before time had run out.
Or maybe there were two seconds left when he went down. Either way, it was a judgement call. Lindbeck
though, didn't argue. "We wanted to run that sweep, then pass," said Lindbeck. "But the kids took too long
getting the playoff.....they should have been ready to go. We took four seconds too long in the huddle."

For the game, the teams ran 107 plays for 820 yards......7.7 per play. Kewanee averaged 8.1 yards per play
and Geneseo 7.1....but the Leafs ran 29 more plays. Three Geneseo interceptions and three lost fumbles hurt
Kewanee badly. After Al Hart gained nine yards on the game's first play from scrimmage, he fumbled on the
next and Pat Siewak recovered for the Leafs on the Geneseo 34. Geneseo made only four yards though before
Spanton punted. Kewanee put the ball in play at its own 39.

On the first play, quarterback Randy Cernovich found his favorite target, 5-11 145 pound wide receiver Rob
Freeburg, all alone behind the left side of the Geneseo defense. Freeburg caught a perfect pass in stride and
completed the 61 yard scoring play. Al Hart ran the conversion and Kewanee led 8-0 with 8:32 left in the first
quarter. The thing Geneseo didn't want.....a quick Kewanee lead had occured. But the Leafs came right back.
Robert Smith kicked off into the endzone and the ball was placed at the 20.

On the first play, the Leas broke the counter, and Spanton was behind the safety man before the Boilers
realized who had the ball. Quarterback Rich Anderson's conversion tied it at 8-8. Only 12 seconds of playing
time had elapsed since Kewanee's score. The Leafs....weak at defending deep kickoffs allowed squatty Ed
Sturtevant to roll all the way to the Geneseo 29 before running him out of bounds. Bill Hart charged to the 20
but then Pete Tanzillo fumbled and Mark Anderson recovered for Geneseo.

The Leafs wanted to play ball control.....and did. They went 77 yards in 15 plays. Rich Anderson, who enjoyed
his best offensive night made a couple of nice runs on the quarterback which included a jarring
black fro Tim Wachtel. Anderson scored from the three with 1:54 left, and it was 14-8 Geneseo. Geneseo failed
to convert though.....and conversions were to be important in this game. Geneseo scored six touchdowns and
Kewanee with four.

Assuming both teams had made all conversions, it would have been 48-32 at the end.....and 40-16 at one point
in the second quarter. It might have made a difference but it didn't happen that way.

The Boilers came right back to take the lead on a 7 play 56 yard scoring march. Bill Hart swept the left side
from three yards out for the score....which came on the first play of the second quarter. Al Hart's conversion put
Kewanee ahead 16-14. A couple of plays later, Spanton broke through for 15 yards, but at the end of the run, Al
Hart stole the ball away and advanced 22 yards. He ran out of bounds when Leaf defenders neared, then did
some knee dancing which drew boos from the Leaf crowd.....and perhaps made the Leafs angry enough to play
harder. The Boilers made only four yards, and with fourth and six from the 28, Rich Anderson broke up a
Cernovich to Freeburg pass.

Now the Leafs charged downfield furiously and Tim Shannon, who carried only once on this drive was killing
people with his blocks from the fullback position. Shannon hasn't gained great fame in his three years at
fullback....perhaps the least glamorous of Geneseo's backfield spots but the other back will tell you how much
they've appreciated his services. After Shannon carried nine yards to the 30, Rich Anderson....on the option
made a beautiful cut and went the distance. The 7 play drive covered 72 yards. The conversion failed and
Geneseo led 20-16 with six minutes left in the half.

Kewanee threatened twice more in the half but both threats were ended by interceptions. At the Geneseo 30,
Cernovich threw for Freeburg in the end zone but Craig Frederick picked it off for a touch back. That came with
2 minutes left. With six seconds left, and with fourth and 15 from the Geneseo 44, Rich Anderson picked off
another long Cernovich throw.

Kewanee kicked to start the second half, and the Leafs drove 88 yards....overcoming two penalties late in the
drive. With third and 21 at the 28, Rich Anderson ran for 13 yards on the option....making it fourth and eight
from the 10. On the next play, the Leaf quarterback rolled right, cut at the proper instant, and dove into the end
zone. 6:01 was left in the third quarter and it was 26-16 Leafs. Kewanee made a first down but Gary Bailey lost
a fumble to the Leafs on the Geneseo 41. Spanton launched the scoring drive with a 17 yard burst on the
counter. Frederick got three more, then Shannon charged for three to the Kewanee 36.

The Boilers were playing everybody up on the line now, trying to stop the ground game. On the next play,
tailback Frederick took off on a fly patter, and Anderson's pass was right on the money. A pass for the
conversion failed but the Leafs....with 1:41 left in the third quarter led 32-16. One might have through Kewanee
would have been broken by this long scoring play and resulting in a 16 point Geneseo lead.......but the Boilers
came right back. The Leafs again had trouble with the kickoff as Bill Hart returned from his own 25 to Geneseo's

On the first play, Al Hart broke over the right side, bounded away from a tackler, spun around, and headed into
what on paper at least, is a faster Geneseo secondary. Hart shredded the paper and scored. Bill Hart ran the
conversion and Geneseo's lead was 32-24 with 1:04 left in the third quarter. Hart's antics after his touchdown
failed to bring rain or snow, so the Leafs still had a dry track to run on..........and run they did!

The drive, which started near the end of the third quarter, carried 75 yards in 12 plays. It was brutal too as the
Leafs made five first downs along the way. Mark Anderson scored the touchdown from nine yards out.....running
through a huge hold at right guard. Again, the conversion failed but Geneseo led 38-24 with 7:32 left in the
game. But Kewanee got back on the board in less than two minutes.

A short kick failed and Kewanee took over on the Leaf 47. A pass to Al Hart gained 10 yards and then he ran for
17 more. Bill Hart ran for 12 to the eight. The Leafs jumped offside and then from the five, Al Holliday scored on
a counter play. This last....a Kewanee conversion failed. Al Hart was neck tied by Frederick as the
former tried to sweep the right side. Now 5:27 was left and it was 38-30. The Leafs didn't move and punted with
3:15 left in the game.

Kewanee moved 15 yards to the Geneseo 30 where they had third and three with 1:50 left. Cernovich threw
long for Marty Keim.....who appeared to be open.......he wasn't though. Frederick, coming up from behind Keim
had the play timed perfectly and intercepted at the 10. That sent the game into that final, hectic minute.

Lindbeck, who's team finished a 4-5-1 season said he was proud of his players. "It's easy to be proud when
you're on top," he said. "But we came from behind and played a good ballgame. There was a lot of hitting.....we
hit well, and so did Geneseo. Our offensive line blocked well. They allowed our backs to get outside. And
Cernovich is a very good short passer. But Geneseo runs and blocks hard. You plan on them running and we put
nine men up on the line and still they ran the football. Then we got up too close (the touchdown pass to
Frederick), they threw.

Reade said, "We didn't play well defensively to say the least. Kewanee was beating us off the ball. We weren't
as aggressive as we would like. Maybe we were sitting back and waiting for the pass. Kewanee usually does
play well against us.....especially if they get ahead. But we never let them stay ahead very long. Penalties sure
hurt us. Two pass interference calls and an offside cost us touchdowns."

Reade said Cernovich was a good passer but he had more praise for his own quarterback. "Dick (Anderson) has
run the option well all year. Really he did it tremendously. We didn't fumble on the option all year."

Now that the season is over, it can be reported that Anderson did have a handicap. He played three games with
two fingers broken and a third dislocated. It happened in the Mendota game. The Leaf quarterback suffered the
injury, came to the sidelines, and Reade snapped the dislocated finger back into place. X-rays revealed the two
other fingers on the left hand had minor breaks. The Leafs second quarterback, Lane Boblett also was out with
injury at the time. Anderson refused to put the hand in a cast. Instead the three fingers were put in a tape cast
and he played that way against Hall and Rochelle. "He's really a competitor," said Reade, who had praise for all
of his seniors, both after the game and on his Saturday morning radio show.