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When I started following the Green Machine as a kid in the mid-80's, the name that was mentioned the most
was Bob Reade. I quickly learned that he was not just a football coach.......he was far more than that. A true
gentleman in every sense of the word who had a HUGE impact on a countless number of people.

I met him for the first time the night of the field dedication in 2008. Never before or since have I been in awe of
meeting somebody than I was when I shook his hand. In the years following, I had pleasure of speaking with
him on occasion and listened intently to his stories. His quick wit & humor was second to none. Rest In Peace
Coach!! You will forever be missed but will always remembered!!!! - Garrett Newman

"Obey The Law and Be A Gentleman" -Coach Reade
From Left Steve Penny, Wayne Strader, Coach Reade, & Barry Pearson.
The Coach With Three Of The Great Green Machiners!!!! -Garrett Newman
Coach Bob Reade (1932-2020)
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