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Our Charter
Steve Miller

Vice President
Robb Nelms

Marnie Eggen

Andrew Dewey

Mollye Craterfield

Board Members
Tim Fisher
Jim VanOpdorp
Tim Holmstrom
Ralph Diericks
Glen Anderson
Dave Roome
Your generosity is much appreciated by the players, coaches, and administration involved with the Green Machine. Geneseo
Football has over 600 wins (top 10 in state) due to the dedication of not only players and coaches, but the community as a whole.
We hope your commitment to the success of the program will continue! The Booster Club provides support for the program, and
the majority of revenue comes from memberships such as yours, and fundraisers such as the Hog Roast.
All money is spent to enhance the football program, 5th through 12th grade.

Our credo is
“How can we help?”
Join The Geneseo Football Booster Club Today!!!!
Sign up online or send in hard copy form --- whatever is easiest for you!
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Diane Olson, President